Whoever said diamonds are a woman’s best friend, never really owned a dog!

Pet Accessories Online | Tails Nation

Pet Accessories Online | Tails Nation

A dog’s love knows no bounds. Our dearest pooch is always there for us, no matter what. On our happy days, they’re there to share the joy and on our sad days they’re there to lend us an ear to listen. These little angels make us laugh with their antics and somehow always manage to understand when we are in a bad mood. Whoever says diamonds are a woman’s best friend clearly never owned a dog!

Pet Accessories Online | Tails Nation

Often we lose sight of what’s important in life and out of nowhere our beloved dogs remind us the importance of living everyday to the fullest and being present in the here & now. Dogs might be a part of our big, big world but for them, we are their world. Apart from being a great companion, our dogs are always loyal to us. Out of all the bonds we have with others, the one with a dog is the most selfless of all.

If we truly think about it, dogs teach us SO much about life. Maybe part of why we have such a close relationship with them is their zest for life. They teach us to appreciate every moment and the time spent with our family. A dog’s love is always unconditional and selfless, no matter where we come from, what background we have, whether we’re poor or rich, our dog doesn’t care! They just love us for who we are and it’s a love that stays with us forever. No matter what life throws at us, our dogs continue to love us. There is research that suggests that women sleep better cuddled up to a doggo, rather than other humans!

Dogs increase our quality of life, they make us healthier, wiser and more responsible. They make us better people. And that explains why, they truly are a woman’s best friend.

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