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Cats are territorial by nature and so, you would often see your dearest gravitating back to his/her favour spots in your house to chill and take a nap. We want to give our fur kids the best of everything, best cat food, best cat treats, best cat toys and best pet accessories! Then why not give them the best of beds too? Cat bedding houses provides your loved one with a comfortable and safe space to call his/her own. A right sized cat bed enhances the comfort of their entire sleeping experience.

Being a cat parent we all have woken up in the middle of the night with two tiny paws pressing against our back, trust us, you’re not alone experiencing all this! Cat bedding and cat houses provides your pet a designator area to rest and provides you with a restful night’s sleep.

Top 5 pet beds you should consider getting:

1) Mellifluous
Easily a game changer in the market, mellifluous cat beddings and cat houses are not only extremely pretty to look at but are also very functional and easy to clean. Unlike other pet beds, these beds come in interesting designs and patterns and are made of soft and durable materials

2) Petslover
Petslover cat bed is made of premium fleece inside to keep your fur buddy soft and warm. It’s prefect for winters and for kittens. The bed comes in stylish colours and makes a perfect addition to any room!

3) Trixie
A well-known name in the pet products industry, Trixie’s cat beds are some of the best in the market. Extremely functional and durable, these beds are very easy to clean and machine wash. What makes these beds phenomenal is the quality of the fabric and the overall product. If you’re looking for a bed that would provide your pet long time comfort, this one is it!

4) PetKart
Make your cat experience luxury like never before! These are probably the softest cat beds available in the Indian market

5) Fluffy’s
Fluffy’s cat beds are perfect for any home! These reversible cat beds are calming and comfortable. These beds come in an exciting range of trendy colours.

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